Courses and Pathways in Health and Pharmacology

The course aims to provide users with a basic understanding of healthcare organizations and the quality requirements that these organizations must achieve. In particular, during the course, users will acquire knowledge relating to the economic-business components of the health system, to organizational issues and its dynamics, with particular attention to the role of the quality of processes and health structures. The transmission of knowledge to the user will be supported by videos and additional resources.

This brief course includes different topics relevant to the history of Medicine.  Diseases have changed with time and location: some old conditions that were prevalent in the past are now rare or limited geographically; other have appeared in our modern society. The very definition and identification of disease nomenclature has changed considerably in the last decades, and many conditions that were not considered to be diseases are now classified as such. Food, its quality, amount, and composition have always been of major import as causes and diffusion of disease, with major differences in the history of humankind. The development of modern scientific medicine has revolutionized not only disease recognition, treatment and prevention, but also medical education.