Managing Sustainability: Theory and Practice

Integrating sustainability in corporate decision-making, as well as professional education, has become not only an opportunity, but a necessity for businesses and professionals operating in every field. As investors, especially institutional investors (e.g. asset managers, pension funds etc.), are increasingly promoting sustainable products and therefore including only ESG-compliant stocks in their portfolios, or pushing companies to move to more sustainable solutions (through the so-called ESG engagement strategy), there is a need for companies and professionals to identify and implement new efficient solutions to integrate ESG concerns in their strategies and long-term goals. Instructors of this course include academics, practitioners and other experts from the field of sustainable finance.

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The course aims at training professionals, corporate board members and executives on sustainable finance and sustainable management. The integration and development of new sustainability-related competences and skills is key to the strengthening of a stakeholder-oriented corporate decision-making. At the same time, the on-going dialogue between the academic and the corporate dimensions will be beneficial to both parties, as it will enable scientific research to better identify the most urgent and significant sustainability-related issues to be addressed in order to help companies to understand, implement, measure and evaluate a sustainable business strategy. Ultimately, this would undoubtedly impact on businesses’ practices, services and products, and translate into benefits for the entire society.


You can find the materials within the course.

9 short video-modules along with documents to go more in depth. A final quiz based on the video material is at the participant's disposal for the validation of the course.

You can earn the Attendance Certificate by completing all the included video-lectures, taking a look at the in depth documents and completing  the final test. Completion to the required grade (10/15) of the final quiz is required.