During Mobility - Supporting Student Crisis

This capsule will provide you with the knowledge and skills to prepare yourself for and respond to actual crisis situations. For the purpose of this capsule, a crisis is defined as a set of circumstances which poses an immediate risk to a student’s physical and mental well-being. This includes natural disasters, acts of terrorism, sudden loss of a family member, friend or flatmate, hospitalisation, and others. Some events which may be perceived as a crisis situation by students themselves, such as failing an exam, are not dealt with in this capsule.

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After completing this capsule you will be able to:

1: follow practical steps to be prepared for a crisis when it occurs.

2: access your Crisis Contact List on how to prepare yourself for a crisis.

3: draw on coping mechanisms for adapting to a crisis situation.

4: know how, when and who to communicate with in a crisis.

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The course is made up of videos, practical suggestions, self reflection exercises, links to further tips.

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