Orientation - Cultural Awareness

Hi there and welcome to our course on Cultural Awareness. Whether you are still in the orientation phase and comparing destinations to find the right fit to study abroad, or if you have already selected your destination to study abroad and seek a way to prepare yourself before moving to this new and exciting new home, it is important to think about how you will adjust to your new environment. How can you develop awareness of cultural and linguistic differences between your home- and host-country and learn as much as possible about your global experience location? This course will help you explore the process of cultural adjustment and develop your intercultural intelligence - meaning your ability to detect cultural rules and create new rules to function in intercultural situations. By doing this, you will feel more confident about being able to deal with cultural differences, you will increase your knowledge of cultural dimensions, you will reduce stereotyping, and you will acquire knowledge that will help you to choose or prepare for a specific study abroad destination.

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Social Sciences

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6 Giu 2022

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21 Giu 2022

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21 Giu 2022

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13 Lug 2022

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14 Lug 2022

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After completing this capsule you will understand:

  1. That it takes drive, knowledge, strategy and action to develop intercultural intelligence.
  2. How similar and different cultural and linguistic rules are across cultures.
  3. How to be aware of your thoughts, reduce stereotypes and develop strategies to respond to new intercultural situations.
  4. How to adjust your behaviour according to what is appropriate in other cultures.
  5. If you are ready to go abroad and be more confident in choosing a destination that fits your level of drive, knowledge, strategy and action.

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The materials are inside the course.

The course is made up of videos, practical suggestions, self reflection exercises, links to further tips.

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