After Mobility - Launching your Career!

This capsule will help you boost your employability by applying the learning and skills you gained from your mobility experience to your future career. You will be prompted to assess the soft skills and behaviours you acquire while on mobility, and learn how to articulate these in a job application or interview. Reflecting on these aspects of your mobility will also assist you with your career planning. For example, you may see that working in more than one language is very rewarding for you.

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By the end of the capsule the students will:

  • Be able to reflect on the success of the exchange program.
  • Understand and articulate the transferrable skills and the experience they have learned from their student mobility.
  • Be able to talk about the experience in a positive and appropriate way in job applications and interviews, helping them to stand out in the job market.

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The materials are inside the course.

The course is made up of videos, practical suggestions, self reflection exercises, links to further tips.

Pass the final quiz.