After Mobility - Reverse Culture Shock

Recognize the symptoms of reverse culture shock, and use the technique of storytelling to help manage a successful re entry.

Often students expect to be able to pick up exactly where they left off. A problem arises when reality doesn't meet these expectations. Home may fall short of what you had envisioned, and things may have changed at home. This is part of why returning home may feel so foreign. The Heroes Journey narrative will help students understand how to capitalise their study abroad experience, translate their newly acquired skills and knowledge onto their resume and help with academic and social re-integration.

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After completing this capsule you will be able to:

  1. Define Reverse Culture Shock
  2. Recognize the feelings (or symptoms) of reverse culture shock
  3. Link the different stages of your study abroad experience to the different stages in a Heroes Journey
  4. Explore the biggest challenges you faced and find added value of your study abroad experience
  5. Learn ways to capitalise your newly acquired skills and knowledge for academic, professional and social re-integration.

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