Università Politecnica delle Marche

Piazza Roma 22, 60121 Ancona - Tel centralino +39071.220.1 - Fax +39071.220.2324 - email: segreteria.rettore@univpm.it

Besides the technical-scientific Faculties/Departments of Engineering, Sciences and Agriculture, UNIVPM also includes the Faculties of Economics and Medicine and Surgery. Each Faculty offers all possible courses of the three higher-education cycles: graduate, post-graduate and PhD. The main campus and the administrative offices are located in Ancona, but other sites are distributed all over the Marche region in order to bring higher education into strict contact with the most important productive districts of the area. The staff working at UNIVPM is made up of about 700 professors and researchers and 650 administrative and technical employees. There are about 17.000 enrolled students.