During Mobility - Reflective Thinking & Making the Most of Your Time Abroad!

You have all heard about how studying abroad is a transformative and enriching experience. It is an opportunity to learn about yourself, the world around you and your place in it!

This capsule is about helping you to achieve the full potential of your study abroad experience. To this end, we are proposing a number of activities and prompts to help you to immerse yourself in your host country community and culture and also to critically reflect on those experiences. The reflection element of this process is crucial to ensure that you can truly learn from your time abroad and are then able to leverage that international experience for your professional, social, and personal development.

You are encouraged to document your experiences and to reflect on your learning using a Digital tool of your choice (for example Padlet, WordPress blog etc).

Your experiences, reflections and learnings can be documented in a variety of ways so for instance you may want to use video, photos, written text etc. depending on your own preferences. Remember that this is your personal space, only available to you. It is like keeping a Journal online, your E-Journal of your time abroad! You may want to refer to it in the future to remember your experience studying abroad and what you learnt from it!

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This capsule will help you to:

  • Identify key global citizenship skills and develop an awareness of how much those skills have improved as a result of the study abroad experience.
  • Develop self-awareness and cultural awareness.
  • Appreciate and understand cultural differences by critically reflecting on aspects of the host culture and society.
  • Articulate the skills gained as a result of the experience abroad and the active reflection on that experience.

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The materials are inside the course.

The course is made up of videos, practical suggestions, self reflection exercises, links to further tips.

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