Quality of Healthcare Organizations: definitions and evaluation procedures

The course aims to provide users with a basic understanding of healthcare organizations and the quality requirements that these organizations must achieve. In particular, during the course, users will acquire knowledge relating to the economic-business components of the health system, to organizational issues and its dynamics, with particular attention to the role of the quality of processes and health structures. The transmission of knowledge to the user will be supported by videos and additional resources.

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Health and Pharmacology

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4 Settimane



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3 Ott 2023

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18 Ott 2023

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  • To define the concept and main functions of healthcare organizations.
  • To know the main business theoretical issues related to the issue of quality in healthcare.
  • To know and understand the main elements related to the issue of quality in healthcare.
  • To identify the areas of assessment to quality-related.
  • To understand what the indicators are and how they are used for assessing the quality of a healthcare organization.
  • To understand which are the paths that allow to improve the quality of healthcare organizations.

It takes 2 hours per week to achieve the training objectives of the course. There are no other requirements.

Recommended materials and reading will be included in Section number 4 of the course.

The main aim of the course is to introduce users to the knowledge of the main problems and tools of the economic-business and managerial theories of healthcare systems by focusing attention on the healthcare organization and the quality it pursues. The user will reach an autonomy of judgment when he/she will be able to evaluate the choices made by the stakeholders and managers in the healthcare organization. All the activities carried out during the course will provide the user with suitable tools to develop their own reflection on the “healthcare-business-quality” relationship.