JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA – First e-learning package

Africa has a unique potential to exploit low cost renewable energy to produce green hydrogen for domestic and external markets. Green Hydrogen could become indeed the booster of a sustainable development of the continent, enabling African countries to reduce their environmental impact as well as to make them less dependent to fossil fuels which can create geopolitical issues too. African green hydrogen development could be helpful for European hydrogen transition, that’s why it’s important that both EU and AU hydrogen policies and development roadmaps are conceived in a cross-fertilizing way.

JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA project promotes collaboration within the two continents also encouraging training and joint capacity building activities. This E-Learning programme is one of the first examples of this.

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Technology, Design and Engineering

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8 Settimane



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22 Feb 2024

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12 Mar 2024

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  • To present technologies related to green hydrogen production .
  • To present green hydrogen policies currently promoted in Europe and Africa.
  • To discuss the introduction of green hydrogen produced by renewable electricity, to partially substitute traditional fossil fuels in different sectors
  • To describe best practices and technologies related to green hydrogen production, to be applied in Africa and Europe, reducing local emissions, widespreading. electrolysers installation and encouraging collaboration.
  • To present solutions for the usage of hydrogen in stationary. Industrial and mobile/transport application.
  • To analyze possible applications for all the above presented solutions and promote best practise and International significant case studies for the diffusion of innovative green hydrogen technologies for education and research purposes, also to foster R&D international cooperation between Europe and Africa.

The goal of the course is to promote green hydrogen technologies and solutions at 360°. As a showcase course, the goal of this training program is to divulgate experiences and best practices to boost green hydrogen widespread and collaboration between EU and Africa.

Both technical and non-technical recipients should be able to join the course with different purposes.

For technical/hydrogen educated recipients: being stimulated about potential new green hydrogen frontiers and projects, innovative applications and demonstrations etc., thus being motivated to enhance their know-how about green hydrogen and collaboration in EU-AU.

For non-technical recipients: being fascinated about hydrogen and sustainable energy “as a whole” also thanks to some best practices and use cases to be presented during the lessons, thus being motivated to “approach” green hydrogen.

More details within the course.

The course includes 8 modules. Each module includes 2-4 video lessons to be autonomously followed by students also thanks to training material support and a self-evaluation test.

You can earn the Attendance Certificate by watching the included video-lectures and completing the tests.