University of Parma

via Università, 12 - I 43121 Parma, (Italy) tel. +390521902111

The University of Parma is a State University of a millenary tradition (its foundation is documented around year 1000 a.D.). 

The University of Parma currently boasts about 25,000 students and 1,800 teaching and staff workers.

The Course Catalogue offers a broad range of academic programmes: 38 First Cycle degree courses, 38 Second Cycle degree courses (2 held fully in English) and 6 Single Cycle degree courses; all the courses are coordinated by 18 Departments. The University offer also includes many Postgraduate schools, Training courses, several First and Second level Master Programmes and PhD Courses. Great importance is given to International Projects as well, thanks to exchange programmes (Erasmus+ and Bilateral Agreements) and to the possibility, offered by some courses, to obtain a Double Degree in a partner European or Non-European University.

In the heart of the city you can find 9 departments concerning the fields of Arts and Humanities, Economics, Law and Social Studies, Medicine and Veterinary. The other 9 scientific departments are located in the University Campus, a scientific centre covering an area of over 77 hectares in the southern area of Parma. The Campus hosts the departments regarding Food and Agriculture, Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy and Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, as well as cutting-edge sports facilities and services for students.

The University services and facilities then include the Erasmus and International Home, a Language Centre, libraries and study halls, guidance services and museums.


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